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MvC SpongeBob








Another MvC: EoH SpongeBob... This one using the unique choice of SpongeBob Squarepants: The Movie GBA game sprites. Comes with attacks any semi-faithful SpongeBob would use, spatula throwing, bubble blowing, and having Sqiudward and Sandy as assists. The Diesel Dreamin' hot rod and Goofy Goober Wizard is in there, too... However, he also has some attacks that involve his stretchy limbs, and a hyper that resembles... Kenshiro's Crack Fist. Oh, yeah. And a fire sword, and can crawl. Due to EoH glitches, he can do multiple hypers during another hyper provided he has the power. His A.I. tends to do this, or power charge and do some simple combos. His sounds are all taken from other SpongeBobs, he changes into a different set of sprites during some attacks, and his winquotes are in a different language. Still a decent SpongeBob, though. Made by ChristianTaylor1234.

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This character is very disappointing when it comes to EoH creations.

- He has missing hitboxes on some movesets

- I can spam his hypers which is cheap and unfair

- He takes too long to transform back from a wizard to a regular character

- The palettes needs some serious work.

- Worst of all, the EoH template is shit.  And I gotta admit, this was one of the examples

why I mistakenly put a sh*tty template on Bowser jr.


This author is a nice guy, but this character needs some serious work.

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Agree fully on those complaints, and a update to him would be real nice to see. At least he changed the typical EoH hyper background. The wizard hyper endlag is real annoying, too, but the aforementioned hyper spam at least helps that a little bit.

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Well to be honest I don't blame him for the template. I sorta used it on my Bowser jr.

Well at least I understand. Im gonna stick to other templates besides MvC.

Anyways, for Spongebob, I feel like most of the sounds were ripped off by Felixmario2011's version.

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