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Ancient Island

Sir Lord Alpyne

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bddd3dacfb87d09e8fbbf337e55e6828bd0ee4a2 <== 1.1 .def



~~ for 1.0 [& now also for 1.1, thanx to my boi DemonKai. good lookin' out god!]
~~ Animated

~~ Slight Super Jump
~~ loop kut BGM


so ya boi Alpyne's droppin' yet another kreation, nothin' too fancy mind you. props to my boi Realest for his AA, more details in tha .def.  sorry it took so long y'all, but life's been a bit of a hindrance for a good minute 221324a4331db42c31e026b12323991b98ef1ef8

anyhoo, enjoy dem shitz y'all. 6d05baaedb4bacf1b8580de583454e8bba5c9684

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