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guykazama's AI patches


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Chart: http://guykazama.neocities.org/mugen.html
Direct link to folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/rqf7c17rtl4j5/AI_patches



These are AI patches for the following characters: Cecil Harvey by AnkokuNaitou, DQ2 by sylphyne, Ickybod Clay by LordShade67, joker_SF by NGI, Keiji Thomas by Basara-kun, Michael Sobut by envymask666, Mister X by Basara-kun, Mr Bater by Nyan Kiryu, Ryumaou by Hanyu-maru, and Sniper Joe by Basara-kun.


I still have some more AI patches, which I'll publicly release when I get around to it. Some of them need a little more fine-tuning.

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New patches of January 2017: Albert Roseman by Hanyu-maru, Angry Ninja by Basara-kun, Axe PQ by Ryon, Byakki by Websta, Frosty Ninja by Basara-kun, Kagetsura by Websta, Kikugoro by Hanyu-maru, Mario SMB1 by Basara-kun, Marufoi by mas2 (easily my most shameful patch yet, I mainly made this one as a joke and to test a theory), Max PQ by Ryon, Reggie Skatore by MelvanaInChains, Speed PQ by Ryon, Tetris/Tetromino by Basara-kun.

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I normally announce these on Twitter under the #mugen更新情報 hashtag, but I figured I might as well post them here as well since I can't update my site (Neocities seems to be having issues right now, at least on my end). Shouldn't be too much of an issue, seeing how I link the author's pages/threads/ddl links in the enclosed readme.


The following have received patches: Armadon by Dragonrod, Damian Shade by Hanyu-maru, Dinosaur by Exclamation_Question, Ebisumaru by Redwave.s.t, Kodama by Deathlazer, Yukkuri Hibiki by wakuwaku, Gekkou by seki-rou, and Michael Sobut by envymask666 (this one is updated with a vast improvement in both performance and overall quality).



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Eight new ones at the usual place: Cat from the Nijikaku Project, Dokuro by Masukenpu-kun, Evil Talon by Exclamation_Question (also a minor update to Dinosaur to match the latest version), Ettoman by The Magic Toaster, Kickboxer by Crisk, Zarugafu by Mother Earth, (Rare) Rocky by googoo64 (warning: Cheap, and late April Fool's entry), and Hyper GreatThing by Tamago Kanten (warning: Extremely Cheap, and was mainly an experiment more than anything).

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