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Smash HD Mario doesn't work on mugen 1.1



Hi everybody, how are you today? I have a really big problem with my 3d Mario.  character doesn't work on mugen 1.1. when I run Smash HD Mario in mugen 1.1, it says something like this:

Error detected.

Can't load Coding/Mario.sff
Error loading chars/ff3_0/ff3_0.def
Error loading p1

Clipboard tail:
Loading stage...
Info: stage & loading in pre-1.0 compatible mode
  Loading BG...OK
Stage loaded OK
  Allocating helpers...OK
Match RNG seed: 132892948
Reset persist vars team 0
Reset persist vars team 1
Loading character chars/ff3_0/ff3_0.def...
  Loading info...OK
  Loading cmd command set Coding/Mario.cmd...OK
  Loading cns Coding/Mario.cns...OK
  Loading cns Coding/Specials.cns...OK
  Loading cns Coding/mushroom.cns...OK
  Loading cns Coding/Hypers.cns...OK
  Loading cns Coding/Palspecials.cns...OK
  Loading cns Coding/Catch.cns...OK
  Loading cmd state entry Coding/Mario.cmd...OK
  Loading common states Coding/common1.cns...OK
  Loading sff Coding/Mario.sff...Character ff3_0.def failed to load
But character runs in mugen 1.0. so what should I do? the sad part is: My full game is mugen 1.1:crywithno:

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