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[PC] Runescape


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Runescape is a MMORPG set in the fictional world of Gilenor (Runescape as the many characters call it present day) While the actual game has no main story, doing quests will reveal so much about the games existence and future. Everything is extremely well written and the graphics of the game have only gotten better over the years. The quests are numerous and exciting, there are 25 skills to master, the storyline between certain characters are hilarious and exhilarating. Customization on the characters outlook is insane as well given over 5,000 different combinations of armor and clothing. and best of all its FREE TO PLAY, ON YOUR BROWSER! NO MESSY INSTALLS, NO DOWNLOADS (other than loading up the game) You could pay 5 bucks a month and get 100x more than you could by playing for free. Its worth it.
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