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The Transformers


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Bagansmashbro's Megatron and Varia31's Optimus are pretty much the best out of this collection as they're actually fairly decent characters in general.


Most of this collection seems to be filled with what is in a way spriteswaps and renamed palette changes (which yes, I know the latter is partially due to G1 being cheap with generic Decepticons and Autobots to the point of having them basically be grey robots or recolored main characters), with some voice replacement, all due to the way omega supreme seems to have made his characters but nonetheless good effort on finding all of it for this collection.


Wonder if we'll ever get to see the Michael Bay movie versions in MUGEN, it seems unlikely to be done but if it was there's some decent models from that transformers semi-open world action adventure game by traveller's tales that could be rigged for sprites.

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