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A really old, but pretty good Kirby. He actually plays like a standard fighter, and even has some edited sprites. There's even a Arcade intro ripped directly from Kirby's Adventure, and it's in Japanese, but he has KFM's ending. He uses most abilities from Kirby's Adventure as attacks. He also carries a high-jump ability and has a MvC-ish pushblock, and even has smaller details, like stars when he hits the ground like in the games, and even can cause damage by falling from a high height. He's a little glitchy, as he lacks hit sounds on most of his moves, and they have odd collision at times, and most can knock the enemy off the ground. One of his air beam specials is almost a certain victory when it hits, too. Still probably one of the best Kirbies in Mugen, all things considered. Made by boku-kobun.

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Seems pretty.. okay.

I  get this feeling, that it needs some fixing here and there though. Some of his moves seem glitchy.

Add and that there's.. no SFX.

I still prefer D4Kirby over most kirbies in MUGEN anyways, but this seems alright.

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