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Any tokusatsu fans?


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On 4/12/2015 at 1:33 PM, Ryoucchi said:

The feels was strong with the recent Ultraman X episode.




Can't wait to see Nexus next week!

well, Ultraman X's done, I really liked this show...unlikeultramangingaplsdontkillme.....I sense Ultraman X as an upgrade, true he's still OP, but for Ultra standards, he's okay, I mean, he was an upgrade and a nerf at the same time, and I'm really crossing my fingers for the next Ultraman show to be as good

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I apologize in advance for reanimating a dead thread, but I've got a BIG news to share: The Gokaigers are making a comeback! Captain Marvelous and his crew of swashbuckling space pirate lads and lasses will set sail on a new adventure in a movie titled "Kaizoku Sentai: Ten-Gokaiger", just in time for their series' 10th anniversary. As I'm simply too much of a Gokaiger stan, it goes without saying that I'm PSYCHED for this.





The movie is set to release some time in fall this year and won't be out on home video until March of 2022. The wait is gonna be excruciating....

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