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Button Mashing Clashing



Hello Mugen Free For Allers,I have a Question involving clashing?How can i make it that when two people do a super move or Special move and if both the projectiles hit at the same time they do a certain kind of button mashing clash like in dragon ball z or naruto?I have been looking at peoples work that has this collision but i can't seem to figure it out.If any knows how i can achieve this,Can you please tell or show me how?Thank you=D 

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Answer : Custom States

You need to put your opponent in a custom state, once in the custom state you have control (limited) of the opponent.

and you can do things such as clashes.

Here is an example of Goku Z2 (My idea of the clashing at least)

If Goku Z2 does Super Kame, and opponent does the Super command, during his superpause.

a helper will put both players in a different state, p1 in a different state and p2 in a custom state.

in this state, both the player (Goku) and opponent (in custom state) must then mash buttons (using a variable to count the presses)

and they be moving a helper or a explod, or some kind of object back and forth between the 2.

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