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Sm.Ports by Ky


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This is where I'll be posting my Small Portraits for certain characters that I decide to make for.

Here's some of my most recent Sm.Ports:

J9jSlbg.png - Evil Ryu by 119-Way

bB6wyQ5.png - Gohan by Boryema

70QdWT2.png - Joe Higashi by Ryon

9hZt41t.png - Marisa Kirisame by RicePigeon

ybEuLBs.png - Hayato Kanzaki by Yamori X

haIQbwc.png - Adon by Yamori X

NvAb0Oi.png - Lilith Aensland by Yamori X

NHR6ihS.png - Jin Saotome by Yamori X


Older ones:

PZXXf.png - Ryu by KameKaze

Hk9U3.png - Captain Commando by Splode

ZYVAl.png - Kyo Kusanagi by K.O.D

lV7U9.png - Black Widow by Hypersonic and Co

Fd1W5.png - Fuuma Kotaro by Fervicante

v0GNrkj.png - Arcueid Brunestud by 9

buK8F.png - Shin Akuma by P.O.T.S

img - MegaMan Zero by N64Mario

86Gw5.png - Squall Leonheart by Sean Altly

KcjeO.png - Bad-BoxArt MegaMan by Mouser

Wump3.png - #18 by Stig87 or XCB/Big Eli King

VvJWY.png - SSJ2 Gohan by CHOUJIN

BaWRs.png - Super Goku by CHOUJIN

IPxHz.png - Super Vegeta by CHOUJIN

eG8Ht.png - Mike Haggar by SeanAltly

pu5Rx.png - Sub-Zero by SeanAltly

KWyTw.png - MegaMan by DG

qJLdJ.png - Goku by CHOUJIN

Qf8qg.png - Piccolo by CHOUJIN

pastQ.png - Vegeta by CHOUJIN

B1L0V.png - Super Goku by CHOUJIN

HmQzw.png - Burter by Stig87

0LIrC.png - Frieza by CHOUJIN

YSJun.png - Captain Ginyu by Stig87

eHmOh.png - Kid Gohan by Miaoyu

MUFQx.png - Recoome by Miaoyu

LMHbe.png - Venom by Sludge

SrMxx.png - Link by Ermac Won

BjG3Q.png - MegaMan Zero by N64Mario

SmEhz.png - Hulk by Erradicator

ZiX7C6N.png - Decapre by Pullo

T1vwL.png - Ryu by DCL

eupqt.png - Spider-Man by Ferchogtx

dgspX.png - Morrigan Aensland by P.O.T.S

w6ryY.png - Mai Shiranui by DivineWolf (currently being used by the author)

sTmO2.png - Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S

img - *V1* Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S

img-  *V2* Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S

Ba69U.png - *V3 - Final* Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S

HHqVb.png - Sagat by KameKaze

WnkDR.png - Ken Masters by JMorphMan

aIIS1.png - Guile by JMorphMan

FlCuc.png - Sagat by KameKaze

fNbTG.png - Ryu by P.O.T.S

VD4X8.pngAthena Asamiya by Zero-Sennin

3KoFy.png - Kung Fu Man by DivineWolf (currently being used by the author i think)

XGiLl.png - Ryu by Fido

OIC5n.png - Spider-Man by Erradicator

ZfzpH.png - Taki by CvS Artist

ClRl9.png - Sonic The Hedgehog by MUGENHunter (& Veanko)

zxOlVHN.png - Vegeta by Neocide

ytTgZIA.png - Ryu by P.O.T.S

cC4MQPT.png - Shin Gouki by P.O.T.S


Others that I made for projects or no reason at all, but can be used for other characters:

PB3YzST.png - Chun-Li by Lost_Avenger

g7xrTPT.png - Cammy White by Lost_Avenger

VLnPp.png - Ryu by Lost_Avenger

AyqcZ.png - Frank West





0XXjq.png - (All these Sonic sm.ports were made at the time that Sean Altly announced his Sonic The Hedgehog W.I.P)

V1cxY.png - Kung Fu Girl

HF2A6.png - Skullomania

RuqXJ.png - Ryu by Lost_Avenger

Vid9C.png - Ken Masters by Lost_Avenger

JRHCy.png - Sakura Kasugano by Lost_Avenger

pP5wk.png - Shin Gouki by Lost_Avenger

4ndZq.png - Cammy White by Lost_Avenger

PFOQ3.png - Chun-Li by Lost_Avenger

cCT4S.png - Cody by Lost_Avenger

CpDbQ.png - Jill Valentine by Lost_Avenger

T09Jl.png - Karin Kanzuki by Lost_Avenger

ELK5S.pngKarin Kanzuki by Lost_Avenger

61w8D.pngKarin Kanzuki by Lost_Avenger

iPqrO.png - John Cena

B3XNfHm.png - Kyo Kusanagi

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