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Kunshomo Character´s

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It's still an active wip

if you still insisted on posting it, please respect the author and link it to his site instead. Also post some note about the status.



Ok, Ryoucchi.

man today was a bad day for me, not make it worse, please. (no offense with this).

done, you happy now? *sigh*

have a cns called "common1-123_win.cns" for winmugen/mugen 1.0 i guess.

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I wasn't trying to make it worse....just giving some advice because i also had a problem with similar thing long time ago when i warehoused a character, and the author was getting offended by that.



Im sorry Ryou, like I said in the previous message, when I have a bad day, I get angry, just a bit (besides other problems), I did not offend him or her feel bad about something like this. : )

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