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Crush your nintendo 3ds! Grab a new version of Gameboy Fighters! (v4.0)


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Well after long time,I finally re-released and updated my old fullgame! :)

This version is much better than my old versions,because this one does not have a useless characters and bugs!

There's some little improvement on screenpack and on music (For the music,I have just put the fade out effect on every song.That's just because I didn't want that every song to sound cut off in the end).


In this version you will have 23 characters and 27 stages and also the new character "Maverick hunter Zero" from "Megaman xtreme".












Now I have to tell you something guys.

I need to move all my files to mediafire and then I will need to get back on geocities.ws for now,because the server on which I host my website is probably in problems.

I'll make a video on youtube with the link in description which will take you to my mugen creation database on geocities.ws,and then I will make a thread.


For now use this link to download the Fullgame:



I hope you enjoy ;)

And also,stay tuned for new updates and creations which I'm preparing for this summer (And maybe I will finally decide to move on next fullgame project such as Powerpuff girls doujinshi mugen game)

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when I was trying to download your metal screenpack...the link won't work what's so ever

o_O What the hell you did? This is the thread about my full game,not about my old screenpack. I didn't even move my stuff on my old server yet,so you'll need to wait for that.

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Nice, there's even a char from World Heroes 2 Jet for the gameboy! That game was pretty fun. Maybe you could add a character from the crappy mortal kombat 1 port? You'd have to find a spriter for it since it doesn't fit the games sprite style, but it would still be a funny reference. Maybe you could make the Hyper for it that weird sliding punch fatality sub zero had.

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Well that would not follow the rules of t.a.k.a.r.a's gb kof engine because there's not such a thing like fatalities :P

I have planned to rip a agumon from the digimon fighters 2 bootleg for gbc,but I'm really lazy to rip the sprites,so I will need to think about that.

And that could be the DLC character for the game.


Anyway,here's the video if anyone wants to see it 
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Well, you don't have to put in fatalities when an MK char is in there. You can just do what The_None did with his blizzard and make the fatality a super. 


I played the game, and while it looks extremely beautiful, the limited normals kinda irk me. Maybe you could make it so that you could hit forward+Punch/Kick to do a heavy attack while standing Punch/kick does a light attack, a la Art Of Fighting 2? I'd suggest maybe making it how hard the player hits the button, but I don't know if mugen is capable of that :P

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Well there's a lack of sprites to make those moves,also the few characters could have that (especially the characters from vast fame's and t.a.k.a.r.a's games). But it's still unfair that other characters (which are not from the same companies) can't have that.

I'll look up what I can do for DLC stuff. Thanks for suggestions.

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I just played through the whole arcade mode, and it bugs me that it's 23 fights long. That seems like far too many fights. Maybe you should reduce it to 10 or 12. It took me 45 minutes to beat it, and I didn't lose once (except for one round where I got beat up by Antenna).


Loved the music in goku's stage. It was something from megaman, wasn't it? Haven't played megaman in ages, so I couldn't identify which robot master theme it was :P

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The most of Music is from gb versions of kof95 and kof96,and also from another games.

The song you heard from goku stage is from kof95.

I suggest to play those games,they are really fun :P

Also if you want a small number of fights, you should set that in select.def.

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