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Unber Updated 5/30/15

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Unber: http://www.mediafire.com/download/umsv3810dk85fqm/Unber+Ver+2.2.rar

As I stated before in my wip thread that i was doing a big overhaul on my 2nd release Unber for better. Im hoping that the update shows significance difference in how much more advance this one is in comparison to the old version. Feedback is appreciated. Credits n' stuff are in the Readme inside.

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-No longer can do standing Y after doing "Axe Kick/Vesper"
-P2 no logner has to be standing to preform "Axe kick/Vesper"
-R's Grab now switches the opponet's side upon being grabbed
-R can no longer grab out of the air
-Can no longer grab out of the air
-Added high Quality Voice patch(Thanks to Yotoman for making it)
-Animation for "Cutting Wall" now has visable weapons

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