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Clark Xiii By Rejy2505 Updated 1/17/12

Phantom Blood

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clark has been injecting roids since 2k2

he's supposed to play like either a 94 clark or a 2k2 clark....

which is a much more agile zangief or alex

There's a big difference between 94 and 2k2 Clark. This is definitely not 2k2 Clark. He doesn't have any of his run in moves.

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@ alpyne yeah you right on the money !! the differences between 94 and 95 are just a few but they pretty much a solid game.. but besides waiting on an update i didn't really see nothing bad about this character. i have to check if he has his neo max special, i was not aware how to do it yet, but i do now being that the game is in my lap!!

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Is there anything missing/missaligned?!

why does it matter?!

if you actually looked at the sprites for these kof13 characters, then you would know how you cant really use all of them.

i believe out of all the sprites there are alike a hand full you cant use, unless you give him a custom common1 file.

I wanted to make terry.

but the sprites were all turned left, and not in order of animation.

stand animation is like 1 8 7 6 5 2 3 4 5

and to really spend time and look at that and turn it into a character takes time man.

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