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How to make Unkoman's Venom controlable

Big Green


As somebody who doesn't know how to code (But wants to learn and can't find a quick and easy solution), I noticed that I downloaded Unkoman's Venom character, but when I use him, he seems to be A.I only. The .cmd file has commands in it, possibly hinting that it is possibly able to be controled by a human player, but how can I make him playable?


Venom's here: http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=8132

P.S, I noticed that the same author's Ken has the same problem, but this isn't the case for the same creator's Sabretooth (which seems to be an edit of Jin Kazama's version).

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The author included the note on how to deactivate AI in Readme_E.txt.


However if you can't understand his engrish, i'll re-word it here.


Open VenomAI.txt in MVC2Venom folder, then find this Trigger53 = 1 line under [state -3,Activate_AI]


Simply put a semicolon before the line to deactivate the auto AI. (;Trigger53 = 1)

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