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Deke Cay Released : Updated 4/29/15

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This is my 3rd character i have created thats a bit more out of my bounds by trying to infuse the aspects of the JJBA Arcade game, JJBA ASB & my own gameplay into a attempt at making a creative interesting gameplay style.
The inspiration of this charatcer was the orginal creation of MelvanaInChains's Deke Cay who was created on 5/13/2011.
Feedback on this creation would be greatly appreciated as for the fact the JJBA mechanics were done in a more untradiational manner and which i see to improve in future updates if required.

Extras(copied from my ReadMe)


-Final Resting Place: DF,DB,x+y
-Rocket Arm: DF,B,x+y
-Meal Of A Life Time: D, DF, F, z
-Germany's Finest: D, DF, F, b
-Not Today: D, DF, F, z
-Grab: x+y
-Toss Item 1: D,F,x
-Toss Item 2: D,F,y
-Ministry Punch: D,B,x
-Ministry Kick: D,B,y
-Ministry Tombstone Close: D,B,a
-Ministry Tombstone Far: D,B,b

(If i have used your resoruces and you are missing for mthe credits please contact me)
-Ryon, DrKelexo, SxVector, Daniel999999999 for assitances with coding.
-First Lt.Ding, DrKelexo, Vile Czar, Ayasme, DarkMario666, ScorgeSplitter/Mr.KOtik, Swordsman-Kai, Meldo, MelvanaInchains & Roman55 for testing and feedback.
-Ryoucchi & MelvanaInChains for motivation to create this character.
-Dissida, Swordsman-Kai & Genesis for assitance with sound editing.
-DrKelexo, Warusaki, y.y, Nimame for coding refrences.
-You for trying this character.

------WHAT'S LEFT------
-Special Status States
-Addtional supers for the air
-Additonal basics
-Custom Death Animation

------LIST OF RESORCES------
-Tattoo Assasisns
-WWF Arcade
-Art Of Fighting 1 Arcade
-After Dark Flying Toasters(Mobile)
-Vagrant Fighter FX
-Super Street Fighter III 18 People
-Jojo's Bizzare Adventure & JJBA ASB
-Cosmic Carnage/Cyber Brawl
-Motal Kombat 1 Arcade
-Street Fighter 2 Arcade
-Mortal Kombat 6 28 People
-King Of Fighters
-Battle Monsters
-Castlevania SoTN
-Tekken 3
-Mortal Kombat 4
-Eye Of The Beholder
-Knuckle Fighter
-Last Blade 2
-King Of Fighters 98
-Marathon 1
-Gulity Gear: The missing Link
-Street Fighter Ex
-Donkey Kong Country
-Slam Masters: Ring Of Destruction
-The Way Of The Exploding Fist(Commodroe 64)

-Giddy Jones
-Step Right Up Get Your Sources
-Zero X. Diamond
-OGko OGWo

For more questions aobut the charatcer n' such you can contact me on MFG(Mugen Fighters Guild) or MFFA(Mugen Free for All)[spoiler/]
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Updates! Please redownload.
-AI Added(Thanks To Kelexo)
-Infintive with "Ministry Punch" Fixed
-Better Clsns
-Better Hittimes
-Postioning issues with "Mal Of A Lifetime" Fixed
-JJBA Death Animation Added
-Special Death State Added
-No Longer Gain Power From Supers
-Improved Visuas On Throw
-"German's Finest" Improved To Be More Reasonable

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