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Megaman Zero By Aznperson569M Updated 11/9/11


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-Removed/reduced invulnerability frames on some supers -Some general system fixes -New small portrait by Goodaldo -Can now cancel Charged Buster shot and Charged sabre out of special moves -Removed double jump, can no longer perform two airdashes in air -Can no longer do 2 Hienkyaku moves in air -Speed of airdashes lowered -Counter System added -Fixed Raikosen hitboxes -Raikosen actually does 5 hits instead of doing 1 hit that says 5 -Charged Buster Shot does 3 hits now -Rolling speed after being knocked down decreased -Can't dash longer anymore -Fixed an issue with one of his palettes -C Raikosen sends opponent higher, allowing for easier comboing -Superjump velocities changed depending on what direction you're facing -Can now cancel normals into specials without movecontact -Some other stuff I forgot. I havent worked on this in quite a while.

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