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A FF3 thing, and something about Pac-Mokujin



So, I'm trying to use FF3, I have no experience with this thing, and I have no idea how anything on this works, but that's not my question.



What it is, is that I want to edit the IIDX Distorted KFA port screenpack to have 1000 (Give or take...) spaces, so I can finally move off of EvE to have my lifebars fit on the screen again. (And to have a winquote screen.) How would I do this, exactly? I tried bringing up it's sprites, but it put each individual sprite, meaning I thought I could bring up the entire screen (AKA, have the whole character screen right there for easy editing and to shrink the spaces down.)


Also, with chuchoryu's Pac-Moku, to tag out in Simul mode, you would press C+Z, correct? Can you only tag out as Pac-Man, or can anyone else on his team do it as well?

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in regards to the sound.


there should be a common1.snd, and a fight.snd


open up both of them and run thru the sounds. 1 of them has sounds related to the fighting.


simply find the "old" super sound and replace it with the X! sound.


as for the select screen you gotta show me a screenshot or something, press the PRINT SCREEN button on your computer to capture it, then paste it in PAINT, save it, then upload it to a website like imggur and post it here.

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Bump, I guess. The closings seem to be computer specific. Poppa Rocks and Bootleg Ryu crash commonly on my Windows 8 computer, when tried a lot on another, they don't close at all.

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what you need to do is make a new fightfx.air file, and fightfx.sff file.


the sff file is easy, just go and put in your effects into fighter factory and change the group numbers to whatever you want them to me.


the problem with changing the default effects is that there is no guarentee all characters will use it, AND you would need to edit ALL characters to make it work properly.

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ahh ok well here's what.


if you open your fightfx.air file with notepad.


you can view the default fx animations.


this is from the default fightfx.air file

; Light hit spark
[Begin Action 0]
0,0, 0,0, 2, ,A
0,1, 0,0, 2, ,A
0,2, 0,0, 2, ,A
0,3, 0,0, 2, ,A
0,4, 0,0, 2, ,A
0,5, 0,0, 2, ,A

; Medium hit spark
[Begin Action 1]
1,0, 0,0, 2, ,A
1,1, 0,0, 2, ,A
1,2, 0,0, 2, ,A
1,3, 0,0, 2, ,A
1,4, 0,0, 2, ,A

; Strong hit spark
[Begin Action 2]
2,0, 0,0, 1, ,A
2,1, 0,0, 1, ,A
2,2, 0,0, 1, ,A
2,3, 0,0, 1, ,A
2,4, 0,0, 1, ,A
2,5, 0,0, 2, ,A
2,6, 0,0, 2, ,A
1,2, 0,0, 1, ,A
1,3, 0,0, 1, ,A
1,4, 0,0, 2, ,A

; Very strong hit spark
[Begin Action 3]
3,0, 0,0, 1
3,0, 0,0, 1, ,A1
3,1, 0,0, 1, ,A1
3,2, 0,0, 1, ,A1
3,3, 0,0, 1, ,A1
3,4, 0,0, 2, ,A1
3,5, 0,0, 1, ,A1
3,6, 0,0, 2, ,A1

so basically, begin action 0 is light, 1 is medium, 2 is strong, 3 is very strong hits.

and those character that use the default hitsparks will most likely use begion action 0~3


so all you need to do is replace the animations here with the animations you add in.

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