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Zeke (Custom Beat Battle Draglade)


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Name : Zeke
Occupation : Bad Guy
Origin : Custom Beat Battle Draglade

This is a updated version of my 4th character Zeke, Which I made roughly 7 years ago.
I've learned so much over the years, and with the release of Shelly (from the video tutorials), There is a clear gap in move skills and coding, So i wanted to update him to math. Cross is getting a update as well.

These are his commands

X - Light Hit - Basic combo
Y - Medium Hit
Z - Heavy Hit
A / B / C - Power Charge

While power charging press any direction or x,y,or z, to do magic.

Up - Earth (Wall)
Forward - Fire (Fireball)
Down - Water (Water Bullet)
Back - Wind (Tornado)
X,Y,Z - Light (Bind)

Thanks for playing with my character's!
- Ryon

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