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Malin By Zayro Released 11/12/11

Phantom Blood

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Dude, when you're over 20 having an older BF/GF isn't a big deal.

I know that Cici

but from my past experiences pointing out that a gf is older than her bf didn't end well for me


According to his profile, he's 18

Ow crap, now I feel like a pedophile by making innuendo jokes D:

If you rly wanna feel like a pedophile

toss some jokes My,Ermac's,or Sin's way

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Actually the statistics shows that when a woman is older than the guy the relationships tends to last longer. But you are on a phrase where girls likes older guys, like 3 or more years older. Of course, that's statistics, but it might not always be the case. Sooo DBS, so you want to join the statistics? ;p LoL

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DBS you used the wrong way of using the Chuck testa meme it goes like this. You say you probably thought this and that was alive NOPE CHUCK TESTA, or you probably thought this was w/e? NOPE CHUCK TESTA. then theres the last one goes Mugen? NOPE CHUCK TESTA but you can use w/e word you want with a question then say nope.

hope that clarified for you how to use that meme from now on http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png

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