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[640x480/1.0] Patch for Gearlife MK2 Lifebars by Kazuto

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Was just looking back at Kazuto's wesite and turned out he made one more awesome original lifebars! Could not wait for someone to convert these to 1.0 so i took the justice once again.
Normal Ports
Custom Ports
- Originally, the lifebar's timer font doesn't have the "NO LIMIT" exclamation. So i edited the .fnt file to include this.
- Custom port should be in 90x37 px of resolution, located in sprite index group of 9000,666 and 0,0 axis.

- Before you ask, the simul lifebars for custom port version still use the normal port layout.


- The normal port version has 2 modes; fight_small.def displays the small portrait in 25x25 px of resolution, while fight.def displays the small portrait in 50x50 px of resolution.
Download the patch here: At the time of writing this, I didn't foresee that Kazuto would later release a MUGEN 1.0 version of the lifebars, rendering the patch moot. Go download that instead.


Original lifebars: 
Cheers and enjoy.


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