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Martian Manhunter Beta Release by Efrencortes

Firelord Kursan

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As a part of the "Deck The Halls" Christmas Event of CrusaderCast a new creator Efrencortes joins the celebrations and give you his "present", his first Mugen char for all of you to enjoy! :santa:

It's Martian Manhunter from DC!!! :holidaycheer:

CrusaderCast also now hosts the release in its download section under the Hosted Releases!

The char is a Beta so feedback is essential since Efrencortes is willing to take all the feedback and work in a future update!

Enjoy! :santa:


Post your feedback here. Thanks.

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I already gave a few feedbacks...
The sprite is good, but he's incredibly buggy:
-He superjumps without D+U when i press U, which is ridiculous. It needs to have a regular jump without having superjump when pressing U. When Superjump is needed, you have to input D+U to make superjump look good.
-He uses hyper with 2-3 buttons without using an input that was supposed to be like this - QCF+2 Punches - Needs to be fixed.
-Voices is missing. He should be using Injustice voice, which it is available to get him.
-FX is left to be desired.

It's all i can gather for now.

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