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Yoshimitsu Update By Da_Maverik Released

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whats to come

- refine animations as some are still place holders

- I will go over some sprites due to some minor geommetry issues

- new moves and specials (specifically more aerial arts)

- more secret arts

- i will perfect the bounce system on the tsuka splitter

-the running flea will executed after yoshimitsu's charging bull attack like in the games


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1A7UP4U0 his link not mine.


My team I.e.t. for testing and tiering

Laharl for ripping the voices

all the feedback givers

and Mr harada & namco/bandai for creating the best fighting game ever Tekken! Posted Image


as you can see I helped with the sounds got them from soul calibur 4, however da_maverik edited it to sound like his tekken voice. try the character out its alot of fun.

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