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A request by me



Hello i'm new here and I was wondering if anyone could help.


Does anyone have Oswald Avery by Fishbed? The skydrive that had him is down and I have been searching around for him


Heres some vids of him






Also can someone help me make these two AI only chars playble?


To-To- by Sakuragawa 


There was a link for a playable To-To- in the topic here thats now down.


Links if needed 


To-To-: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sp5t54h9a54txq2/to-to-.rar


Topic I mentioned about To- To-




Thanks so much in advance

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Wait tested it and I don't think this is the Oswald i'm looking for, I think Fishbed made a normal Oswald and also made and edit of him which is what i'm looking for.Oswald Avery is the edit i'm looking for.Wish I could find an up to date video but the only one I have from this year is super laggy.


It's this 



I dont think it will help that much though

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eh... really there was only 1 tiny thing you had to change to 0 in to-to-'s cns file


but if you can't do that then here. replace the to-to-'s cns with this one




as for movelist, i can't help you with fixing the readme......

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