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[My 1st release] KOFM Dream Match Screenpack


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Here's some pictures:









This is my 1st edit ever with MUGEN and also my 1st post :)


What's new:


-My screenpack contains 2 character and 1 hidden char (you'll find him on your way ^^)

-My version is mugen 1.1b

-New title/screen select/versus music

-It contains also 2 stages (both with music)

-Up to 94 characters slots (and more...)

-It's still a beta version (I still have some minor modifications to do, but it's playable)


I hope you guys will like it :P (any feedback is welcomed)


Here's the link: http://www.4shared.com/rar/CpLIopTOba/KOF_Dream_Match_Screenpack.html?


Enjoy! ~

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Welcome to MFFA Haniki!!


And what a nice edit man! Since i working in the conversion of the original Winmugen KOF Memorial to 1.0 and 1.1.


That was a great start, i can't wait to see the updates. Thanks for share and keep it up! MUGEN needs more nice works! :D

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First of all Welcome to MFFA @Haniki

2nd -If its your work then you should've posted it in release section. [that im sure a Mod when he sees will move it]
3rd - DO NOT +1 your own post. its something for others to do when [if] they liike your post. remove +1 before some staff member checks out and you get -1 and that is not a good start for a new comer don't you think?

4th - for posting image you can click on "Image button" and add a link


Now come to the post:
This is simple but attractive nice edit :awesome[but you shud change the lifebars as well.. just saying :P]
I realy like it keep up the good work buddy.

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