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[1.0] Reimu Hakurei by Zero-Sennin released (9/5/2014)


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Copypaste from guild:

Quick playtest:

  • Ground 5X seems to have too much priority. Comparing it to her source hitbox, shes missing a hurtbox on her arm. For comparison:

  • Ground 5Y has 2 tick startup and is safer on hit and block than 5X
  • Hitstun and Blockstun appear to be identical. Intentional?
  • The hitbox for Ground 2Y seems to shift backward into Reimu's body for some odd reason.
  • Hakurei Amulet (Light) seems way too safe at point blank. +25 to be exact. I know its a charge move but still
  • The chip damage on Hakurei Amulet Light and Medium is close to almost half the normal damage it does normally
  • In both IaMP and Hisoutensoku, Cautionary Border knocks down on hit. Here it doesn't.
  • All versions of Rain Dance deal less damage on hit than they do on block.
  • Not sure how I feel about Fantasy Orb having 30 frame startup.
  • Demon Binding Circle's chip damage seems to be way too much at 135, considering it does 377 on hit. That's almost half.
  • Any reason why Wind God Kick has invincibility frames at the beginning of every single hit, rather than just at he beginning of the first hit?
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