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[Stages/Resourses] Effects and Renders Mini Pack 01.


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- 2 rendered backgrounds unidexed and Indexed (RGB+D) 

- 1 rendered floor.

- 3 diferent sun sprites.

- 6 diferents HD sunglares.

- 1 animation of HD lightings made by Genesis Indexed and Unindexed.

- 2 set of clouds (one for Trans add and one for solid)

- 1 moon render and is glow effect.

- 1 tiled HD mist.



Well just wanted to share some of the stuff i did or others have made for me to use.

Sorry if is a small pack (just to start) but should have the enoght to make a base for 2 or 3 stages depending on your creativity.

Some of the stuff is already indexed ready to use but if dont i recomend you to use Infaview to index them as it keeps the image quality specialy for FX like Sunglares and ect better than Photoshop or Gimp IMO.

Ima upload more packs when i do (or find in my messed up folders) more renders or effects hopes helps a bit.

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