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Gallade 'n' Rayquaza



CLGallade.gif Rayquazaidle.gif

Both are by Khanny/Cyberlizard/Jetgoshi, but due to the links on his website going dead, neither are available. I tried to find links on the Internet, but they were either dead or not what I was looking for.


Before you ask, no, these are not for personal use. I'm sure many know I maintain the Pokémon collection here and don't like broken links being present there.


So yeah, if anyone has these two, that'd be fantastic.


Just one more, I swear!


Gallade by Nato. Because The Mugen Archive is dead for some reason, this little fella is offline.


Well, that's all of them.

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"Rayquaza is my top favorit pokemon few year ago. Why I doing this because
the is no boss charater from super smash bros. brawl except master hand.
I take Rayquaza sprite from sprite recorch. It look difficult to make this charater.
So I clone Giga Bowser. The first Rayquaza was crappy with no share pallet. Than I make
this beter and chang his color. The bad thing is Rayquaza Can't Fly."

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