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Karis Arteria by Merufimu released (8/8/2014)


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-105 MB file size.

-Some of her moves glitch the opponent when it KOs. Hell, she glitches when beaten by her own grab.

-Safe moves on almost every move she possesses.

-Invincible even on the recovery of her supers not letting you punish them.

-Her backdash either has some crazy amount of invincibility or an autoguard.

-1250 health with 110 defense for some reason.

-TWO Instant kills when at low health and full meter. The startup is the exact same for both, the only difference is the animation that plays afterward.

-All of this without considering the start pallete modes which break her even more. Pal 12 will automatically kill regular characters before the round starts.

I would assume she's meant to be a boss, but this isn't how you do boss-type characters.

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