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Hisui by Sennou-Room Updated (08/05/2014)


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I personally don't see anything wrong with someone trying to make something new. If we always made everything source accurate then we would never come up with anything new. I understand that having source accurate stuff is good in some cases like if you want to get the system of that particular game down as well try your best to replicate what the original creators did ,which is not always accurate like you think, to get that same feeling they had but what you have to realize if you put another character in another style then sometimes you wil have to change some things around to make it fit the new gameplay style


For example, Street Fighter 2 Ryu does not feel like your playing with Street Fighter 3 Ryu. Same thing goes with Alpha series, Same thing with CVS


They all have most of the same moves thru each game, but changes had to be made for them to fit each game's style of gameplay

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