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Cvs 2 Bars Edited For 1.0 (640P) Screenpacks By -Shin_Hado-


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Alright. Shin here, back with more lifebar edits. This time two of the MANY CvS 2 Lifebars out there, PabloSSB's Orange Bars and M3's Bars, both found on ProtomanX's MediaFire, which they were for the 720p screenpacks, but now for the 480p peeps out there, available for you! No screenshots, but I have the video to prove it.


NOTE: Will edit with screenshots when able.

You are all welcome.

Thanks are in order:

IMT-Blue Screenpack - for the trials and errors that went into the final product.

ProtomanX - Whose MediaFire files are accessible to the Mugenite

The Original Authors of the Lifebars

DL Links:

The Orange Bars:

CvS 2 Orange Bars (PabloSSB Edit) 640p Version.rar

M3's Bars:

CvS 2 Bars (M3 Edit) 640p Version.rar

You got any Lifebars or Screenpacks for me to try to edit? Drop a PM, E-Mail me, or leave a comment in this topic.

Shin signing out, saying... PEACE.

NOTE: Alternative Links:

M3 Edit:


Orange Bars:


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