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Mugen Igniz-MRV


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Hello guys I'm back




I want to share to you my new character Igniz :)



This Igniz was originated by Eagrose and Gonzo :)



I add some hypers and supers in this char



I add also 4 strikers



But i'm not yet done in this char



I'll give you updates in this char :)



Hope you all guys like my char haha :)



Enjoy :)




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Never tried his other modes, but for now I've played with his "normal" mode, and.. Whoo boy. Hope you accept feedback, cause here it is (just a few though, since I haven't got too in-depth with him):


-No big portrait for Igniz


-10 Meter of supers? Really?

-His Supers have no start-up sound, or "superspark" (Save for Qcbx2 P) whatsoever.

-I can tell that this Igniz also has some kind of a "lifebar" thing going on, due to the "small" Igniz on the left corner. Oh, and it has its own hitbox too.


-Guardsound for qcbx2 P is wrong. (It's usually used for a backdash instead of a "guard")

-So wait, I can cancel Qcf P into any normals? I don't think he does that in source.

-Qcb P chains into itself as much as 4 times.

-HP has too much of a reach there


-So.. Why is there no Super BG in his (if I remember correctly) Qcbx2 K, When in the last sec, there is super bg here?


-Just.. just... 


Entire screen's full-on red when I turn "hitbox" on, even though nothing's happening.. Why?

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Thank you sir tenryuu for your feedback and i appreciate it Sir first of all that my char Igniz-MRV is not yet done because Igniz is one of the hardest character that i've create. Many sprites, animation that i didnt understand in the previous author of Igniz i hope sir you understand that. Sir i'm still updating in this char and i'll post it here if all his errors of my chars are gone. Sorry sir :( and i hope all of this site like my work :)

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Hello guys, How all are you today, It's been a long year since I visit this forum again :D


I'm planning to continue my unfinished project (Igniz-MRV) and i hope that I still remember all of the codes haha. :D


Have a wonderful day to everyone :D

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