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Earthquake by R@CE AKIR@


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Note 1: For Mugen 1.0 or Higher only
Note 2: This is not an accurate Earthquake whatsoever, it is a custom version of him that takes some elements he had in previous games and also adds something new as well.
Note 3: Check the config file to see changes that can be made into the character. 
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-Fixed damage on hard kick when using it in Custom Combo Mode

-Fixed issue with last hit not always connecting on Super Fat Chainsaw Bound

-Adjusted normal air attack collision boxes in the animation file

-Adjusted air velocity on all normal air attacks 

-Adjusted some additional velocities so that if air combos is turned on, he combos better

-Adjusted air velocity on all hitdefs on the Air Fat Chainsaw so that opponent with be downward if hit in the air

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