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Two pallete questions(maybe 3)



First one being how exactly does one make a palette template?


I mean if i had to guess of the top of my head you pretty much assemble random sprites, manually make the boxes for colors etc and apply a palette but, and this brings me to my second question, if you add extra colors for fx on the palette, how do you do it without messing up which colors apply to which?


And....how DO you add those colors to the palette (ala POTS)? I kinda never learned how :P


Okay one more but related to the previous questions, how do you change said colors of fx (i mean i've done it before but it wasnt how i actually wanted it to be/colors were pale)




Hope this was understandable :x

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Well, adding FX to a palette that doesn't have them in it requires recreating the palette and reapplying the new palette to each sprite. Changing the color of the FX could be done manually or with the Gradient Map tool in Photoshop. Gradient Map would be the quickest. To get those colors, I'm sure it's a manual process.

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