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Batmobile 66 bonus released. (Edit of the Sf2 bonus Car) by Red HOOD.


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because we celebrate batman's brithday,
i thought it would be cool to release this edit from "destroy the car" bonus from street fighter,
i just made a spriteswap spriting the batmobile from the 60's using Samus Aran 78's Car bonus stage update by Pioupiou.
you can now destroy this one and make alfred cry.   
on a side note i plan to release another car to destroy in my full game, so once again all feedback is welcome to make this better .
Thanks for reading and enjoy.  Very Happy. BAT
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So the guy who made this got the idea off the bane mini game from injustice right? Also man batman is 75 years old wow what an age...


no. long time concept thought of before anyone knew injustice existed. i forget how old the original private beta was of it.

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