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Shutdown Industrial Steel Factory

Sir Lord Alpyne

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Shutdown Industrial Steel Factory





~ Low-Res
~ Super Jump [thanx Realest d5f02ecd.gif]
~ 2 loop kut BGMs included: Violent Death [from original stage], & Drugs~Violence [kut & kreated for this stage by ya boi Alpyne], setup for easy switching in tha .def file. might add sfx to'em at a later time.
read .def for more details & such th_059_.gif
enjoy dem shitz. one.gif
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Not bad "Has" dat retro style indeed.


Just small things would suguest removing these parts:


trans           = addalpha
alpha           = 10, 50
From [bG Rain] dunno maybe is because you are using 1.0 but to me that i use 1.1 it turns the rain black:


- X Delta from the BG is too low IMO a delta of 0.6,1 or 0,7,1 would look better.
-Those Cans stand out a bit too much could darker them a bit to blend better.
Other than that all seems allright.
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