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Infinite R.Mika


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If only she were in Ultra Street Fighter 4 and not Decapre...


Though I'm not bashing her inclusion like, just preference.

Decapre is okay actually. The other 4 that people concern because we've got them already in Street Fighter x Tekken. Would be better if we get R. Mika, Alex, Kairi and Karin (or perhaps the other existing SF/FF characters who did not make an appearance in this generation of SF yet) alongside Decapre together.

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those are good picks , but kairi we'll never see unfortunately due to him not belonging to capcom. but thanks for the r. mika post , been looking for this.....

Yeah, EX series belong to Arika...just wish in the future Capcom manage to get some licensed from them. I really want to see Kairi, Skullomania and Garuda back.


Another wild Mika is entering to the ring!


awwwww yeah!  :=D:


actually i don't like infinite's chars. But it's Mika, so... Let's Get it on yo'! 

You must love Mika, she's a babe..... :heeee:

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