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Naruto Bijuu NZC by SpartanJuan117

Krypto 'SAM' saiyaN

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[Video Preview]






Not much to say, he's not so great yet he's not so bad too. Quite good actually. NZC style Naruto are probably the best version of Naruto characters in mugen. Really nice to see many authors of Naruto characters has develop the NZC style now :goodmood:

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thanks for the share Sham. 

Your welcome!


This is good that authors want to use alexei's system that means he made the best gameplay for them.

Yeah, I always love alexei Naruto characters. I first known about this NZC style from him, and I'm glad to see many new Naruto characters that been released now using this NZC style. Of course the most decent one about this NZC style is a sprite, look good like their anime counterpart. Not to disrespect for the previous old Naruto characters, it just before this NZC style show up, Naruto characters always has a bad sprite...some of them look really ugly. Not to mentioned, before this Naruto characters is always too small. This NZC style size is perfect, not to chibi yet not to big.

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