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Can't map palette 1.1 to 1



Hi, I came across a problem after I switched on the debug, there is an warning message shown:




I open up common1.cns file in data folder and saw this since state 5900 is the only one found in common1.cns file:

[State 5900, 3] ;Change palette
type = RemapPal
trigger1 = 1
source = 1,1
dest = 1,palno

I modify type = RemapRap to type = null and when I load up my character again, enabling the debug info, the error message is gone. I am not sure if I null this state, will there be any further error since this remappal is part of common1.cns 's code?

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You don't want to do that.  Editing common1.cns is not a solution for your problem.


It's probably complaining because your SFF uses the wrong palette numbering.  You should use 1,1 for the main sprite palette, although I think 0,0 works too.  Actually, if the character palette functions properly (ie you can pick multiple palettes and get the one you want) then it really doesn't matter.

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is that my shelly? or are you making her?


in anycase.


in the characters palette on the SFF.


it has to be


Group 1, Index 1 , For Pal 1

Group 1, Index 2 , For Pal 2

Group 1, Index 3 , For Pal 3

Group 1, Index 4 , For Pal 4

Group 1, Index 5 , For Pal 5

Group 1, Index 1 , For Pal 6


for the pals. if you do not have group 1, index 1, it usually gives that error.

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I tried redoing so many times, that error message: Can't map palette 1.1 to 1 still occur and I swear I follow exactly every steps that you did, I have no idea why until I open up the def file and quote this:


[Palette Keymap]
x = 1 ;Press button X to select palette 1, etc.
;y = 2
;z = 3
;a = 4
;b = 5
;c = 6


the error message is gone, not sure if this is correct, Since I have got only one palette, I guess this makes sense but I didn't see you quote these in your 2nd video when you start to modify the def file :confuse:

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