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The Portraits/whatever Thread

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My portrait folder: http://sdrv.ms/1f1VtD2

Anybody can contribute, too.
1. 3 Portraits per day, no more. More than 3 will be ignored. Request again when an one day's requests is all clear. Don't make more request until your requests done.
2. Provide pre-rendered images. (images that already have transparent bg)
3. Mainly for 120x140 portraits. Other portraits request will be considered but don't expect more.
That's all.

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Sorry for late reply. Been working on Thrillo's request and some other stuffs.




JJBA Folder




SNK Edit/Anime/Capcom Misc




Anime/Type-MOON folder






You may need the original render too



A set i made myself for Anubis/Izura/Human Paladin/Headless Horseman/Godzilla/Kingkong/Mecha Godzilla




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Ikkaku : http://hqwallbase.com/images/big/bleach_ikkaku_madarame_yumichika_ayasegawa_zaraki_kenpachi_vectors_wallpaper-9053.jpg

Ukitake : http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25500000/Ukitake-3-ukitake-jushiro-25526914-1024-768.jpg


# in case you confuse with Ukitake image, I want you to make port from the main picture of him on that image, just ignore the other small picture of him that surround it.

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