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This character is pretty bad. It's 3 buttoned and it floats a little as you can see. It has terrible AI and it's suppose to be the main character from the new movie Nut Job. He works for 1.0 and the author is Alerkina4, I would only keep this if you enjoy bad characters or beating up on them, or for collection reasons. He's also balanced.


Does this look like the face of mercy?



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This CAN not be by Zeeky Zapper. he makes decent characters. This has to made by Alerkina4. he makes spriteswaps with the author name still in the author box, and he makes sprites like that. So this has be by Alerkina4.

I shall change it. Thanks for informing me sir.  :goodmood:

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Jayfeather you gotta remember most of the stuff like this is swapped off better made characters.

Yeah i know but i'm so used to going to the def file for the creator so it's a habit :l

The hell's going on with its legs - wait, is it hovering?


Well, typical of an Alerkina4 creation...


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