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AI Patches by Kokekoko


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Thanks to Basara-kun for finding these offline AI patches.




Password is "sage"


List of AI patches included:


2nd Mr. Karate by Ahuron
Duck King by Ahuron
Foxy by Ahuron
Gaoh by Ali
Mizuki by Ali
Roomi by Ali
Kuroko by Gonzo
NEO-DIO by Baddarkness
Demitri Maximoff by Baddarkness
Bonus Kun by Baddarkness
Krauser by Jin
Yagami by Jin
Blue Mary by TESTP
Kim Kaphwan (KOF and RB) by Mouser
Keith Wayne by Mouser
Hanzou Hattori (WH and NBC) by Mouser
Fuuma Kotaro (NBC) by Mouser
Takuma Sakazaki by Mouser
Terry Bogard by Mouser
Astro by Mouser
Red Dragon by Mouser
Major D.Schaefer by Mouser
Japanese Spiderman by Fu-Lin
R-Saber by NHK
Tabasa by NHK
Xiangfei by NHK
Mai Shiranui by NHK
Zantetsu by Nyankoro
Annie by Nyankoro
Radel by Nyankoro
Rosa by Noise Low
Dan Hibiki by Tatsu
Mature by fxm508
Nakoruru by 伊吹川
Rera by 伊吹川
Hibiki Takane by HSR
Hugo by Tin
Gouki by Tin
Big Bear by Tin
Sokaku by 3HA
Dhalsim by 3HA
Ryoko by Adamskie
Jean by Adamskie
Bob Wilson by Crosscat
Griffon Mask by Croscat
Mayura by IF
Emperor by Dager
Marylin by Mikita

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