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Move connects but character goes past p2? +2 Questions



So i started messing with a certain guy again, coded a move blah blah blah


From a distance, it connects and works like it should

Up close and (not) in a corner, it hits p2 once, then he moves right past them like so

Posted Image

Is it because of my clsns or something else?


Now on to my questions...

This gave me a move idea; how would i go about making my character from any location "teleport" and hit p2 and slide past like above?

Like, I'd make him fade, then p2 gets hit, then he'll (un)fade sliding behind p2


Second question, Im interested in doing something similar to Chizuru where depending on the move she'll fade from her previous position, i know it could be done with helpers but is there an alternate(and possibly simpler) way to do it? Or am i just better off with helpers?

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Krimson was/is my WIP. Was, because i started him ages ago then canned it. Is because im considering continuing it.


Stage is also mine. Im debating on fixing it to make it release-able or just keep it locked up forevers

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majority of the time.


the move just happens and if p2 is in the way, they get hit and he continues as normal.


if you want to teleport infront of p2... try this code in the players state.



[state 0, PosSet]

type = PosSet

trigger1 = time = #

x = enemy,pos x - 40

y = 0


change # to when you want it to work.

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Well, even when i adjusted my clsns it still kept happening. I added a playerpush and that stopped it from happening...most of the time.


I meant behind p2 but i guess i'll just modify the code.....dunno why i forgot about posset


will try in a few, thanks

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