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Creating new battle type



I want some veteran creators and modifiers of M.U.G.E.N to help me and see if we can make a new battle variation for the game. If you've ever seen a WWE Royal Rumble, you'll get what I mean. Essentially I want to take the "team" mode in mugen where two characters face off and the winner moves on to the next round (with a little health gain) and fights until they lose and modify it a bit. What I want to do is take out the team aspect and make it so 30 (30+) characters can be entered and after one competitor is eliminated the one who beat them takes their place and takes on the rest of the mob until there is one left standing. (Sorry its so long but I cant see any other way of explaining it) If anyone knows if this is possible, or would like to try and make it possible let me hear your thoughts. If its already been done .................... 

link me :) 


if this belongs in another section redirect me and I'll remove and post it there

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its highly improbable.


but all 30 characters would need to be coded into the character (as a helper for every one) the actual character would be the entire game and vs and loading screen.


long story short, it is possible but 100% unlikely to EVER be made, because the amount of time and effort and error checking that would be involved would drive a man or even a team crazy.


not to mention no one would do it.


Personally from a creator and long time player.

Drop the idea, its not gonna happen.


and if you think you can just become a creator and do it yourself, don't even waste your time. cause for something like that it would make even the mugen gods shiver in there boots full of piss.

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