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Force a char to start on 12P mode

Don Ravioli


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this is the only thing with relevance.


[state 5900, PowerSet]
Type = PowerSet
Trigger1 = RoundNo >= 1      ;ƒ‰ƒEƒ“ƒh‚P‚Å
Trigger1 = RoundsExisted >= 0;‰oꎞ
Trigger1 = PalNo = [11,12]
Trigger1 = Power < 9000
Value = 9000
but all it does is add 9000 power to the guage.
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If I may inform, what makes you desire so much for her to only be in her 12th palette mode? What you're currently trying to do seems like more trouble than it's worth. If you always want to play with her in her 12P Mode, then you should just always press the button for the 12th palette when selecting her.

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there should be a rule against unleashing demons to the general public.


you would have to look at her intro codes to see which variables and stuff she enables or changes, based on her palette.


or maybe if she has a [statedef 5900] , it could be in there.

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easy to do it..

go to char folder then click -insert char name-.def the find this


Pal.Defaults = 4 (change it to 12)


make sure your at mugen.cfg arcade set to this


 ;Set to 0 for computer to choose color 1 if possible.
 ;Set to 1 for computer to randomly choose a color.
AI.RandomColor = 1 <--- (set that to 0 base on the pal defaults)
idk if it works just try it
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