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adding new palettes to a character



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That's easy: you just must to put the palette on the folder from your character; After that, give a "ctrl+C" on the name from the palette file and put it on .def file from the char  



name ="Apollo"
displayname ="Apollo"
versiondate =11,01,2009
mugenversion =1.0
author ="119way"
pal.defaults =1
cmd        =Apollo.cmd
cns        =Apollo-1.cns
st         =Apollo-1.cns
st1        =Apollo-2.cns
st2        =Apollo-3.cns
st3        =Apollo-4.cns
st4        =Apollo-5.cns
stcommon   =common1.cns
sprite     =Apollo.sff
anim       =Apollo.air
sound      =Apollo.snd
pal1       =pals/Apollo1.act
pal2       =pals/Apollo2.act
pal4       =pals/Apollo3.act
pal5       =pals/Apollo4.act
pal6       =                         <---------------------- "ctrl+V" Here
Note: Dont forget the ".act", thats from very importance
And if necessary, write mannually "pal7       =" Hope that helps, and sorry by my poor english ^^ :bye:
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