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Tails Doll


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Well. It's Tails Doll. He's OP. But he can be beat if you're good with any character, Basic/OP/etc. I can beat him with Sonic. So he's not that bad. Decent AI and no sound clips or anything. His big beam attack can be deadly and spammed. But I have not seen the AI spam this move. Works with 1.0 and enjoy.

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I remember this one guy was making a Tails Doll that was supposed to be immune to 1 hit kills.



Then he left Mugen without any mention of his WIPs.

It seems all the good people who make really good Mugen characters disapear without trace.

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Jay, I have a bunch of Sonic characters that are all small. Could you tell me or give me a link to a tutorial so I can re-size them? I'm pretty sure you don't feel like doing it yourself.

Damn, I was 2 slow to link it to you. But it's really easy on how to re size characters! 

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