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Your Top Five (5) Anime?


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Haven't seen too many changes, but my top 5 stands as this so far:

1) Cowboy Bebop:

This one is going to be hard to topple, although Outlaw Star comes close. What else can be said other than great dubbing, addictive soundtrack, and casual-friendly?

2) FLCL:

Excel Saga came pretty close to taking its place, but FLCL holds a special place in my heart. This title and Cowboy Bebop both made more interested in the medium back in 2011. Got me into listening to The Pillows. Naota may be grating, but he's more bearable to me than Shinji.

3) Ghost in The Shell:Stand Alone Complex:

Before this series, my interest in GiTS only stretched as far as the 1995 film. But after I watched the 1st season, I considered this superior to the movie. Intelligent, but not as talkative as the film. The characters are also greatly improved and the dub is stellar.

4) Chobits:

GiTS:SAC pushed this down because I liked the direction it took on androids. Still, Chobits was a step in the right direction and I found it fairly decent after I finished rewatching it a few months ago. Fanservice comes on strong in the beginning, but compared to today's anime, this is tame. The dub stands fine on its own, but Crispin Freeman is the star of the show as Hideki. Steven Blum also voices a main character here.

5) Welcome to the N.H.K:

This series blasted both obsessive otaku and hikkimori to great effect. While some series have attempted to touch on the darker side of otaku or present a character with similar characteristics (looking you, Shinji), NHK succeeds by being more blatant about and not pulling any punches. Even MMORPG addiction is on the table here. Oh yeah, good dubbing and OST too.

Honorable Mentions:

Golden Boy and Ghost Stories (tied for best gag dub by ADV), BECK, Boogiepop Phantom, Serial Experiments Lain (I think I've already analyzed it enough.), Gunsmith Cats, Monster, and Hellsing Ultimate.

Potential Candidates:

Outlaw Star, Yu Yu Hakusho

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This is an extremely tough list to narrow down, probably too tough in fact, but I suppose, I'll just throw out some that really stuck with me:


1) The Garden of Words

REASON: This was quite an emotional rollercoaster, and the visual art style was just... I drooled when I first saw it, cause at the time, when I saw it, I thought it was like a moving painting during some scenes. But yeah, a lot of anime like this really speak to me, even though well... I don't do relationships, not my cup of tea.


2) Cowboy Bebop

REASON: I mean, its the greatest anime ever made. Well, I'm sure someone will argue with me on that. But real talk, its a really strong and compelling anime from start to finish and it leaves you wanting more every time. Not because like, you want there to be more going on, but because this is one of those anime you really don't want to see come to an end.


3) Plastic Memories

REASON: Another sappy anime that well... pulled hard at my heart strings. I can't help it. I like the idea of relationships, but after I saw this, I was just like "nah... I couldn't handle that." In fact, watching this anime, I was just like "yeah, I'm no longer interested in getting close to anyone... losing them would be too much for me."


4) Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

REASON: Well... its emotional. That's about all I can say about that. I've actually dealt with similar circumstances. Its really unfortunate and something you tend to reflect on when you're by yourself.


5) Space Dandy

REASON: Truth be told, when I first saw this on TV, I was captivated. There's a lot of subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) important things you can learn from this. Lots of good karma you get from taking the time to truly absorb what you're watching and not just watch it.



But yeah, long story short, much of the anime that I would consider to be in my "favorites" list, are usually the ones that I've learned something from and have adapted that learning process to my every day life. Unfortunately though, a lot of these anime you can learn something from, often come at a price of making your heart ache.

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