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Come on...young boy.


Some of you have come to know me for my super jump conversions. But there are some who know me for my original passion...original ring stages. This is a custom stage designed for Geese. It has the usual specs: Original stage, original concept, looped custom bgm(FF Wild Ambition Geese theme with sound fx) and super jump. It also has zoom(1.1 version). Props to Dark Saviour, Ryo2005, Caddie and my partner Teddylam for contributing sprites. Extra special thanks to my R.O.K. crew for testing and feedback.

It was intended to be his stage in the finale of Iron Muscle Bomber, but my partner decided to use it for Raiden instead. Geese will instead fight in the Flaming Geese Tower stage. Expect a 1.1 update of that soon.

Now prepare for the next battle...

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