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[Requiem Final]Hiyomizu Temple


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Were you so bored that you added Requiem Final lifebars in your screenshot?

I was so bored i coded the Requiem Final lifebars for mugen....minus the timer.


Pretty solid, but the bgm wouldn't play for me. I figured .wav files didn't work for 1.0 so I trimmed it and saved it as an MP3

Yeah i saw that when i tried it in 1.0 but i was running late for work so i didnt have time to convert it to mp3 (thanks btw)


Yo Gen why your name isnt Green now?

Because I made a pact with the devil

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Oh Watta is one of us? Why isnt he in the super secret private group?


Add me already. I've been in this group since like around January, but I never spoke about it with you since I don't come to MFFA much.



Well u said you are too busy to make a stage from scratch so why dont u try random small conversion too.

Did you see that stage I posted @ NAM? I'll make it with you if you can index/dither my sprites. 

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